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Rental property owners on ATO radar

Posted on Jul 6, 2016 by admin

The Australian Tax Office has announced that it will be paying close attention to rental property owners during this tax season, especially in areas where excessive interest expenses are claimed and where there is an incorrect apportionment of rental income and expenses between rental property owners.

The ATO will also be focusing on those who make incorrect claims for newly purchased rental properties and those who own holiday homes that are genuinely not available for rent.

The Tax Office has advised rental property owners that they need to better understand their obligations to get their claims right.

Those who claim deductions for their rental property need to include all rental income and ensure that their property was genuinely available for rent when the expense was incurred. Owners must also make sure to apportion any deductions to take any private use into account and have records for the claims made.

Some examples of incorrect practices the ATO will be looking out for include:

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